2017 Goals/Update

So here I am again. Yes, I realize it is February so I'm going to take this as putting my goals out there AND updating on how I'm doing so far.  

It's been a while since I've blogged and life has gotten even crazier but I still have my passion for blogging and writing. 

 A new year and a new blog. But, this time, it's not going to be about clothes or makeup. It's going to be about my journey. There are several things I want to accomplish this year and they are:

  1. finishing my yoga certification
  2. producing less waste/eventually be waste free
  3. become more present and mindful
  4. freelance my writing 
  5. save money for travel
Throughout this blog I'm going to keep updating whoever is reading and myself. I need something to make me feel accountable for what I set goals for and actually keep up with them! Like this blog for example....

Also, along with my blog, I will now be offering services of social media development and freelance writing! All details can be found under the "Work With Me" tab when that gets put up!