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Monthly Goals - December

My first semester of college is nearly over and that is very hard for me to wrap my head around. It feels like I just graduated high school two months ago. And yet here I am.  With finals comes the inevitable to-do list from hell. Papers, nonstop studying, possible crying....there's a lot to do in the next two weeks. So, without further ado, here is my goals for the month of December.  Get ready for finals: the dreaded finals are upon us. I'm not too worried but there's always that underlying fear of "Will I actually be able to retain all this information?!" Study cards, study guides, papers, speeches...I'm already tired. I'll have to keep you updated on this one.  Have fun one last time: My life here in college is pretty jam packed with school, work, and friends. I want to make sure that before I go back home for break that we have one last fun-filled weekend.  Pack my stuff!: So much stuff to pack, so little time. I basically have to move


I've been relatively absent from the internet lately, especially on this blog. And it's not because I had a revelation that I had to get off my cellphone and all social media like most people do. It's because I've been in a constant state of discovery and experiencing new things that I just haven't had the time or the will to be here.  As most you of know, I moved to college in August and posting went down dramatically. Everyone says blogging and going to college is a feat and I believe them. But that's not what I want to talk about here.  I want to talk about my constant state of being surrounded by people and how I am always learning new things from them. How I am constantly wanting to be out of my room and out enjoying the outdoors - something I didn't do much when I was home. There are so many things to discover here that it's kind of baffling how many new things I can learn every day.  I don't sit at home alone on Saturday nights anymo

Monthly Goals - October

Wowza, hello October! The months just keep flying by and it's pretty crazy that the year is almost over! So with a new month, comes new goals! Manage my time better: I've been doing pretty good with managing my time but this week I got a little behind and am paying for it. I guess I'll just have to pull through and learn from this! Plus, mid-terms do make things a little harder in the time management field.  Save more money: I'm doing better with saving money now since I don't really have any. But now that I have a job, I'll be able to manage it better and put some in the bank for later.  Keep posting: I'm going to add posting on this blog to my "To Do" list that I make every week for school. That way I'll remember and be able to have something ready! ------- Last months goals: Keep up with this blog:  Bleh, yes and no. I was on a roll there for a while but fell off after a couple of weeks. I guess it's all part of the &q

Monthly Wishes Progress

About two weeks ago, I posted my goals for July. Here is how they're going so far! Wish Progression So Far: 1. Selling ads! It's slowly coming. I have a lot of trades coming up!  2. Blog makeover! WOW, this is taking so much more work than I thought it would. I *think* I'm going to switch to WordPress but it's turning out to be 10x harder than I thought. Any help is welcome.  3. Dorm shopping! I accomplished this one! I finally got all the things I absolutely need, now I just have to pack up other clothes. 4. Keep up with YouTube. Yes....and no. I made a video but it didn't go up on the day I wanted it to. It's a start.  What are your monthly wishes? 

currently #2

listening: a thirty minute progressive mix. I'm feeling sluggish today and need something to get me going and figured this would do it.  eating: Not well. I need to change my eating habits.  drinking: juice. No coffee today.  wearing: a dress. I can't be bothered with pants today.  feeling: like I need to relax. And I just woke up. It's one of those days.  weather:  surprisingly nice.  wanting: to see a movie.  needing: to clean my room. Badly.  thinking: I have a lot to do today.  enjoying: life. reading: I'm still reading Wild but I have started Their Eyes Were Watching God for school finally.  writing: a lot of emails. Maybe that's why I'm so tired.  hoping: that this headache goes away. craving: chips and guacamole obsessing: over graphic designers. I need one.  Leave your responses in the comments! I'd love to hear them!   


This is a big mash up of all 'currently' posts I found on other blogs. Enjoy! listening: to   The Social Network score. Nothing better than this to make you feel like you're accomplishing something. 10/10 recommend it for late homework nights. That or any Harry Potter score. Either works. eating:  Nothing. I just woke up. drinking:  coffee. The only thing I can get out of the kitchen when I first wake up. wearing:   pajamas.  feeling:  like Mark Zuckerberg. (See "listening") weather:  Cloudy. Inevitable summer thunderstorms are upon us.  wanting:  a camera. Specifically a Canon EOS T3i.  needing:  stuff for my dorm room.  thinking:  Now, I'm hungry.  enjoying: these lazy summer days while I have them.   reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A post-Oregon read I must finish so I can read the required reading for school. writing:  This post and thinking about what I'm going to write for Thursday and Friday. All at the same time. wishing: No wishes

My Travels: Oregon

A month ago I had the opportunity to go to the west coast and explore a terrain completely different from the one I know. It was full of mountains, pine trees, and waayyy too many turns in the roads.  I made a quick video of all the things I did while I was out there! Then, check out the pictures below! 

New Beginnings

Hello! If you're reading this it's because I've finally come out of my shell and decided to share my little space on the internet with you. This is quite scary for me so bare with me. I've had this blog since September of last year and have been posting on it pretty frequently since then but I had just always been too afraid to share it with anyone. The only people who have known about it is my family and they only knew about it because my mother some how came upon it. (Which was pretty terrifying at first, to be honest.) Other than that, it's just been me, my computer, and some other fashion bloggers I met online. But now, here I am. I felt like sharing this was the right thing to do because a) I'm going to be studying journalism in college and better get used to people reading my writing now and b) I want to expand this blog. Here is the place where I share my love of fashion, makeup, music and more. And since I know so many talented people, I felt l

Find The Nomads Re-Launch

Find The Nomads is a clothing brand collaboration by Louis Cole, Steve Booker, and Jake Evans. The clothes are laid back and casual...perfect for the nomad type. The whole aspect behind their brand was to capture the effervescence of Louis' lifestyle. He has been traveling the world for almost a year now and has been documenting the whole thing. Louis Cole runs a YouTube channel entitled 'Fun for Louis' and uploads a new video everyday sharing his adventures around the world, with the world. Since he has been gallivanting around the globe for over a year now, he has acquired a total of 582, 699 subscribers. Check out Louis' YouTube channel here.   The February 8th re-launch of Find the Nomads definitely had Louis' viewers excited to see what he had in store for his brand's revamp.                                                                               Louis Cole from Fun for Louis Before the re-vamp of the site, it was mostly