Find The Nomads Re-Launch

Find The Nomads is a clothing brand collaboration by Louis Cole, Steve Booker, and Jake Evans. The clothes are laid back and casual...perfect for the nomad type. The whole aspect behind their brand was to capture the effervescence of Louis' lifestyle. He has been traveling the world for almost a year now and has been documenting the whole thing.

Louis Cole runs a YouTube channel entitled 'Fun for Louis' and uploads a new video everyday sharing his adventures around the world, with the world. Since he has been gallivanting around the globe for over a year now, he has acquired a total of 582, 699 subscribers.Check out Louis' YouTube channel here. 

The February 8th re-launch of Find the Nomads definitely had Louis' viewers excited to see what he had in store for his brand's revamp. 

                                                                             Louis Cole from Fun for Louis

Before the re-vamp of the site, it was mostly just t-shirts and the occasional bag. But now the brand has added beanies, bracelets, stickers, sweaters and more! Be sure to check out their website

Are you a nomad? What do you like to wear when traveling?

All images from and find the nomads social media.


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