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New Beginnings

Hello! If you're reading this it's because I've finally come out of my shell and decided to share my little space on the internet with you. This is quite scary for me so bare with me. I've had this blog since September of last year and have been posting on it pretty frequently since then but I had just always been too afraid to share it with anyone. The only people who have known about it is my family and they only knew about it because my mother some how came upon it. (Which was pretty terrifying at first, to be honest.) Other than that, it's just been me, my computer, and some other fashion bloggers I met online. But now, here I am. I felt like sharing this was the right thing to do because a) I'm going to be studying journalism in college and better get used to people reading my writing now and b) I want to expand this blog. Here is the place where I share my love of fashion, makeup, music and more. And since I know so many talented people, I felt l