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Monthly Wishes Progress

About two weeks ago, I posted my goals for July. Here is how they're going so far! Wish Progression So Far: 1. Selling ads! It's slowly coming. I have a lot of trades coming up!  2. Blog makeover! WOW, this is taking so much more work than I thought it would. I *think* I'm going to switch to WordPress but it's turning out to be 10x harder than I thought. Any help is welcome.  3. Dorm shopping! I accomplished this one! I finally got all the things I absolutely need, now I just have to pack up other clothes. 4. Keep up with YouTube. Yes....and no. I made a video but it didn't go up on the day I wanted it to. It's a start.  What are your monthly wishes? 

currently #2

listening: a thirty minute progressive mix. I'm feeling sluggish today and need something to get me going and figured this would do it.  eating: Not well. I need to change my eating habits.  drinking: juice. No coffee today.  wearing: a dress. I can't be bothered with pants today.  feeling: like I need to relax. And I just woke up. It's one of those days.  weather:  surprisingly nice.  wanting: to see a movie.  needing: to clean my room. Badly.  thinking: I have a lot to do today.  enjoying: life. reading: I'm still reading Wild but I have started Their Eyes Were Watching God for school finally.  writing: a lot of emails. Maybe that's why I'm so tired.  hoping: that this headache goes away. craving: chips and guacamole obsessing: over graphic designers. I need one.  Leave your responses in the comments! I'd love to hear them!   


This is a big mash up of all 'currently' posts I found on other blogs. Enjoy! listening: to   The Social Network score. Nothing better than this to make you feel like you're accomplishing something. 10/10 recommend it for late homework nights. That or any Harry Potter score. Either works. eating:  Nothing. I just woke up. drinking:  coffee. The only thing I can get out of the kitchen when I first wake up. wearing:   pajamas.  feeling:  like Mark Zuckerberg. (See "listening") weather:  Cloudy. Inevitable summer thunderstorms are upon us.  wanting:  a camera. Specifically a Canon EOS T3i.  needing:  stuff for my dorm room.  thinking:  Now, I'm hungry.  enjoying: these lazy summer days while I have them.   reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A post-Oregon read I must finish so I can read the required reading for school. writing:  This post and thinking about what I'm going to write for Thursday and Friday. All at the same time. wishing: No wishes

My Travels: Oregon

A month ago I had the opportunity to go to the west coast and explore a terrain completely different from the one I know. It was full of mountains, pine trees, and waayyy too many turns in the roads.  I made a quick video of all the things I did while I was out there! Then, check out the pictures below!