currently #2

listening: a thirty minute progressive mix. I'm feeling sluggish today and need something to get me going and figured this would do it. 
eating: Not well. I need to change my eating habits. 
drinking: juice. No coffee today. 
wearing: a dress. I can't be bothered with pants today. 
feeling: like I need to relax. And I just woke up. It's one of those days. 
weather: surprisingly nice. 
wanting: to see a movie. 
needing: to clean my room. Badly. 
thinking: I have a lot to do today. 
enjoying: life.
reading: I'm still reading Wild but I have started Their Eyes Were Watching God for school finally. 
writing: a lot of emails. Maybe that's why I'm so tired. 
hoping: that this headache goes away.
craving: chips and guacamole
obsessing: over graphic designers. I need one. 

Leave your responses in the comments! I'd love to hear them! 


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