This is a big mash up of all 'currently' posts I found on other blogs. Enjoy!

listening: to The Social Network score. Nothing better than this to make you feel like you're accomplishing something. 10/10 recommend it for late homework nights. That or any Harry Potter score. Either works.
eating: Nothing. I just woke up.
drinking: coffee. The only thing I can get out of the kitchen when I first wake up.
wearing:  pajamas. 
feeling: like Mark Zuckerberg. (See "listening")
weather: Cloudy. Inevitable summer thunderstorms are upon us. 
wanting: a camera. Specifically a Canon EOS T3i. 
needing: stuff for my dorm room. 
thinking: Now, I'm hungry. 
enjoying: these lazy summer days while I have them. 
reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A post-Oregon read I must finish so I can read the required reading for school.
writing: This post and thinking about what I'm going to write for Thursday and Friday. All at the same time.
wishing: No wishes right now.
hoping: It doesn't rain before 4pm. 
craving: biscuits and gravy. (My favorite breakfast.)
obsessing: over West Coast by Lana del Rey. I didn't like it when it first came out and I have no idea why. It's magic. 

Leave your response to some of these in the comments!


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