Monthly Wishes Progress

About two weeks ago, I posted my goals for July. Here is how they're going so far!

Wish Progression So Far:
1. Selling ads! It's slowly coming. I have a lot of trades coming up! 
2. Blog makeover! WOW, this is taking so much more work than I thought it would. I *think* I'm going to switch to WordPress but it's turning out to be 10x harder than I thought. Any help is welcome. 
3. Dorm shopping! I accomplished this one! I finally got all the things I absolutely need, now I just have to pack up other clothes.
4. Keep up with YouTube. Yes....and no. I made a video but it didn't go up on the day I wanted it to. It's a start. 

The Nectar Collective

What are your monthly wishes? 


  1. Dorm shopping is THE.FUNNEST. Good luck with the blog makeover. I have zero idea of how to convert (as I'm still on Blogger) but good luck! Let me know if it's worth all the hassle.

  2. Dorm shopping is so much fun! A lot of planning too, lol. And thanks! Blog makeovers are a lot of work and I may wait. I'm not sure yet! We shall see!

  3. It is a lot of fun! Sooo much planning though! I'm so excited and will keep everyone updated! :D


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