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Monthly Goals - March

A new month is here! I know I didn't update last month on my goals, but the truth is that I really didn't have any goals that I was focused on. I mainly just wanted to get through the month without adding anything else onto my plate!  So, with that said, here are my goals for the month of March! Stay organized: I've been pretty good at staying organized this semester and want to keep this going! Focus on me:  I tend to focus more on fixing other people and not myself. This is more of a long term goal for better myself and not just limited to this month. Putting yourself first is so important and is something that I really need to focus on. Decide where I am moving?!: This year I lived in the dorms because it was required and frankly just more convenient for my freshman self but Sophomore year is upon us and it is no longer required to live in the dorms. I'm thinking about becoming an RA but the thought of living off campus is highly appealing as well. I gue