Monthly Goals - March

A new month is here! I know I didn't update last month on my goals, but the truth is that I really didn't have any goals that I was focused on. I mainly just wanted to get through the month without adding anything else onto my plate! 
So, with that said, here are my goals for the month of March!
  1. Stay organized: I've been pretty good at staying organized this semester and want to keep this going!
  2. Focus on me: I tend to focus more on fixing other people and not myself. This is more of a long term goal for better myself and not just limited to this month. Putting yourself first is so important and is something that I really need to focus on.
  3. Decide where I am moving?!: This year I lived in the dorms because it was required and frankly just more convenient for my freshman self but Sophomore year is upon us and it is no longer required to live in the dorms. I'm thinking about becoming an RA but the thought of living off campus is highly appealing as well. I guess we shall see.  

Goals Update:
Last month, instead of writing out my goals for just the month of January, I wrote out my goals for the year of 2015! Here is how they are going so far.

  1. Blog more: This one is kind of a hit and miss. I really want to get on a consistent weekly schedule but it's seeming basically impossibly with how inconsistent my school life is. 
  2. Make more videos: Before coming back to school I pre-made a few videos so I could keep my channel active for at least a few weeks. Now, those videos are about to run out and I'm trying to figure out what to do. Luckily, my school has an amazing Mac lab that I can use whenever I I hope that comes in handy. 
  3. Join a club at school: Success! I have officially signed up for a club and have gone to a meeting and everything. This club is pretty easy at first because as someone new you don't participate as much, but once you get into the core division, it's game on. Super excited for this one!
  4. Do charity work: still working on this one. I really feel like this is something that's going to happen more during the summer or later into the semester. 
  5. Get a workout schedule: this one is happening as well! Pilates Monday and Wednesday and a not-so-strenuous workout the rest of the week! I'm really glad to have done this goal for myself! 
What are your goals for this month?


  1. Joining a club at school is one of my goals for next semester too! <3

  2. Those are awesome goals! Good job for blogging about them :)

  3. Great goals! I've been on a workout schedule for the last few weeks and am starting to see results and I am SO thrilled! It's working!!

  4. You posted goals that seem attainable which is great! Creating a new workout schedule is something I need to do asap as well. Good luck on reaching your goals this month.

  5. I love your goals! Good luck figuring out where you are living, I know that one is super hard to choose at university!

  6. It's a great goal to have! Good luck next semester!

  7. Awesome! Go you for sticking with your goals!

  8. Thank you so much! I try to keep all goals attainable!

  9. It is hard! But hopefully it'll all work out!


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