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loosing yourself -- finding yourself

sometimes we find ourselves slowly drifting away from what we are. this could be because of a person, an activity, or just where you are in life.  recently, i've been feeling like i'm drifting. i don't know if it's because i haven't had a moment to breathe, or because i now have someone else in my life now. or maybe its because this is my second year in this city and everything isn't brand new and exciting to me anymore.  i don't know what it is, but i feel like i am drifting and that i am a little lost. not completely, but i can see it coming in the future and that scares me.  this is my way of keep myself true to me and who i am.  i am the girl who loves to write. who needs to write just to keep her thoughts straight sometimes.  i am the girl who has random urges to paint and get messy because i have some sort of feeling inside of me that can't be described with words.  i am the girl who needs some sort of artistic expression to survive in