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New blog, new start

If anyone still pays attention to this site, I'm sure my name is unfamiliar and confusing. This site and all the blogs on here used to be my life until I just...abandoned one day. So now I'm back with a new alias blog and ready to write for myself again after like...4 or 5 years? This account originally started with my blog Oh, Heaven which I started my senior year of high school/first couple of years in college. Looking back at Oh, Heaven and everything on there, I was genuinely surprised to see the little community I had built and how successful that blog was. I literally can't believe I ever stopped but I also was sucked into one of the most toxic situations in my life which ultimately lead to the blog's tragic end. While the Oh, Heaven blog will always be a part of me, it definitely embodies a very different me. My "coming of age" era, if you will. It was the beginning of many defining moments in my life that I'm still going through and processing to t